Monday, December 3, 2012

Some Tips For Sales Cold Calling

Are you here to learn about some tips on sales cold calling for your telephone call appointments?

If you are up for doing a business call, make a very good introduction so that you are able to catch the attention of the person you are calling and having them engaged with you by leaving what they are doing at the moment. On the other hand, if you are not prepared for the call, you will end up getting call hang ups and you will be rejected the next time around. It's best then that you are prepare for a speech that will make you win the "yes" of the person for a sales appointment. Take note that you are there not to sell something directly but to set appointments.

If you are calling for another business that you would want your company to engage with, that would surely take you a lot of time since you need to introduce yourself and your company. This is so that you will be able to give them an idea and for them to know if they could truly engage business with you if it seems suitable. The thing about preparing your introduction is to give let them remove from their thinking that you are one of those who are doing direct product sales.

But if you are up for sales cold call for a direct sale target, then that's another story. Doing this type of call is something that they never expected as you haven't done appointments ahead of time and you come directly to them offering products and services which they may consider if it sounds interesting. There should then be a difference with your sales speech if you are doing it for business to business or direct sales.

What then should you mention once you do sales cold calling techniques?

In direct sales cold calling, you should not forget mentioning at first your company and a brief introduction of it. Let them know the benefits your product carries with. Give one very good reason why you have considered calling them.

Never prepare lengthy speeches for your introduction. They will never be interested with the details of your company history from the start and who founded it but on how your company can benefit for them. Surely, you don't want to talk that much too, right? Prepare something simple. A simple introduction only includes a brief overview of what your company is, the name of your company, why and where you got their contact details and what services you have for them. Make your statements clear and easy to understand so it won't take long for you to move on to the next step.
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